The 35th International Symposium on Superconductivity (ISS2022)
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ISS2022 Encouragement Award

ISS Encouragement Award Winners

「Magic-Angle Twisted Graphene Family」
Ms. Jeong Min Park

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA)

「Effect of Bipartite Lattice on Topological Superconductivity in Two-Dimensional Quasicrystals」
Mr. Masahiro Hori

University of Saskatchewan and quanTA, Canada & Tokyo University of Science, Japan

「The role of small and large defects in enhancing and degrading the critical currents of coated conductors for fusion magnets」
Mr. Raphael Unterrainer

Atominstitut, TU Wien

「Low-energy single-electron detection using a large-area superconducting micro-strip」
Mr. Masato Shigefuji

Komaba Institute for Science (KIS), The University of Tokyo, Japan

「AC loss reduction methodologies for HTS coil windings coupled with an iron core」
Ms. Yue Wu

School of Electrical Engineering, Beijing Jiaotong University & Robinson Research Institute, Victoria University of Wellington

The best presentation will be awarded for students or young scientists under 33 years old.

Please apply for ISS2022 Encouragement Award by providing following information

1. First Name
2. Family Name
3. Presentation ID (受付ID)
4. Age

by email at

A prizewinner for each technical categories PC, ED, WB and AP will be selected from all those who apply.